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Waterproof and airtight solutions for roofs, gutters and facades

Pandser offers professionals everything they need to seal roofs, facades and gutters. We supply materials and tools for the preparation, execution and finish of every project. All of our products for self-employed persons or contractors can be found in one location at selected points of sale.

The advantages of Pandser:

  • Easy to use and to process
  • High-quality sealing & finish
  • Sustainable and environment-friendly materials

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A suitable EPDM product for every application

Pandser offers solutions for a wide range of problems with waterproofing and airtightness of houses and commercial buildings. Our products prevent leakages and penetration of rainwater during (heavy) rainfalls. The joints are also sealed in an airtight manner which is extra insulating and therefore energy-saving. We have divided these products into three applications: roof, facade and gutter. Select your application in our interactive product environment and we will give you advise on the materials and tools to use.

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Preparation, execution and finish

From primer to sealant and from roof cladding to self-adhesive lead substitutes – Pandser completes your project. Our EPDM products offer a sustainable and environment-friendly solution for the sealing of roofs, facades and gutters. Combined with the Pandser tools, a fast, simple processing and high-quality finish of every job can be guaranteed.

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