Fast Flash lead substitute
Flexible & user-friendly

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Fast Flash is a flexible lead substitute for a fast and secure water-damming seal. The material consists of an elastic aluminum reinforcement, coated by rubber polymer. The self-adhesive back allows for this product to be applied directly onto virtually all roof materials and ensures firm adhesion.

Characteristics of Pandser Fast Flash:

  • Quickly and easy to process
  • Safe, environment-friendly and sustainable finish
  • Available in grey, anthracite, black and terracotta


  • Waterproof finish of facades and chimneys
  • Water-barrier around roof windows, dormer windows and solar panels
  • For the waterproofing of roof valley sheets, ventilation pipes and drainpipes





Color EPDM self-adhesive lead substitute
Grey, black, terracotta or anthracite grey
Ranging from 0.28 m to 1.12 m
Delivery project-based per pallet
On rolls of 5 meters

Available dimensions and thicknesses

Color EPDM self-adhesive lead substitute grey black terracotta anthracite grey
0,28 m x 5 m
0,37 m x 5 m
0,56 m x 5 m
1,12 m x 5 m

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