Waterproof roofs

Pandser supplies all the materials and tools needed for the waterproofing of flat or slightly pitched roofs. Our total package of professional EPDM solutions has been customized to user-friendly processing and sustainable results. The elasticity of EPDM is an important advantage in the Dutch climate where the temperatures can significantly differ and range from cold to warm in one day. 

The advantages of Pandser products for roofs:

  • Resistant to UV, ozone and flying sparks
  • Cradle-to-cradle
  • Full assembly & finish
  • Long service life

Check the products for professional installation and finish of roof cladding below.







EPDM strips self-adhesive butyl

Epdm Zelfklevend butyl 1920X1280

EPDM strips with self-adhesive butyl layer for repairing flat roofs and waterproofing gutter drains.

EPDM - Roof cladding

Dakbedekking 1920X1280

Extremely flexible roof cladding, insensitive to UV radiation and ozone, for flat and slightly pitched roofs.

Aluminum roof edges

Daktrimmen Overzicht 1920X1280

Roof edges provide a beautiful and waterproof edge finish to roof cladding in bitumen and EPDM.

EPDM roof rain water outlets

EPDM dakdoorvoeren & stadsuitlopen 1920X1280

Pandser roof rain water outlets with sleeve for a seamless connection with rainwater discharges on flat EPDM roofs.

EPDM prefab corners

prefab hoeken 1920 X 1280

Ready-to-use prefab corners, enhancing the waterproof properties of roofs and gutters with EPDM cladding.

Fast Flash lead substitute

Fastflash 1920X1280

A flexible and self-adhesive lead substitute for a fast and secure water-damming seal.

EPDM lead substitute

Dummy 1920x1280

Lead substitute with the flexible properties of traditional materials and the sustainability of EPDM.

EPDM spraybond

spraybond 1920X1280

A spray glue developed especially for Pandser EPDM products, based on synthetic rubber.

EPDM bonding adhesive

Dummy 1920x1280

A ready-to-use contact glue with strong adhesion for the overlapped gluing or surface gluing of EPDM foil.

EPDM primer

Epdm primer 1920X1280

Primer for the pretreatment of absorbent substrates and surfaces to which EPDM glue is applied.

EPDM adhesive & sealant

adhesive en sealant

A 1-K contact glue for the gluing and sealing of roof edges, angles, rainwater discharges and sleeves.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the average service life of EPDM roof cladding?
  • Provided that the EPDM roof cladding is processed in the right way and a suitable glue or adhesive is used, the service life of the roof cladding is approximately 50 years.

  • What is the difference between Bonding Adhesive & Adhesive & Sealant?
  • Bonding Adhesive is a liquid contact glue that is applied using a glue roller or brush. Adhesive & Sealant is an adhesive based on Hybrid Polymer in a spray tube and is applied using an adhesive gun. Both adhesives are suitable for the overlapped gluing of EPDM foil and for surface bonding onto a flat and dry substrate.

  • Can I start gluing straight away once the EPDM is placed onto the roof?
  • No, give the cladding the time to rest for approximately 1 hour to have the tension cleared. This tension developed when rolling up the material in the factory.

  • What do I need to do to prepare the surface the EPDM is glued on?
  • The surface has to be free from dust, dirt, damp, sharp parts, grease and other materials that may damage the EPDM roof cladding or impede the optimal adhesion of the Pandser EPDM glue.

  • What is the best way to measure the quantity of EPDM needed?
  • You have to measure the flat roof, including the raised edges. Add another 20 cm to this outcome, both for the length and the width. The EPDM membrane will then have the correct size to seal the roof.

  • Is it enough to just glue when I have 2 pieces of EPDM with an overlap?
  • For the final 3-5 cm of the EPDM, use the Pandser Adhesive & Sealant glue kit to make the roof 100% waterproof.

  • Can I glue Pandser EPDM onto to roof the whole year around?
  • We advise you not to glue Pandser EPDM when the outdoor temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius.

  • Can I cut the edges of the EPDM to allow for a beautiful finish?
  • To prevent leakages, it is best not to cut the edges but to fold them. Fold the corners into a cone or glue the corners flat onto the edge of the roof using Pandser EPDM spraybond. Then seal it with Pandser EPDM Adhesive & Sealant glue kit.

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