EPDM strips of self-adhesive acrylic
Damming and airtight solutions for air gaps and facades

EPDM zelfklevend acryl

These EPDM strips with a total thickness of 0.74 mm are equipped with a self-adhesive acrylic tape. Thanks to the high adhesive strength, the tape can be applied directly onto most surfaces. Following the pretreatment with EPDM primer, the adhesive strips can also be applied to concrete and other absorbent substrates.

Characteristics of Pandser EPDM strips, self-adhesive with acrylic:

  • High elasticity and good waterproof and airtight properties
  • Quickly and easy to process
  • Long service life, resistant to UV and ozone


  • Ideal as a water barrier around (interior) window frames
  • For making the joints between window frames and interior cavity walls airtight
  • Suitable for interior applications





0.5 mm
Ranging from 0.05 m to 0.6 m
Delivery per box
1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 units

Available dimensions and thicknesses

PANDSER EPDM self-adhesive acrylic 0.5 mm
0.05 m x 20 m
0.1 m x 20 m
0.15 m x 20 m
0.2 m x 20 m
0.25 m x 20 m
0.3 m x 20 m
0.4 m x 20 m
0.5 m x 20 m
0.6 m x 20 m

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