EPDM roof rain water outlets
Fast and waterproof finish

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Pandser roof rain water outlets with sleeve ensure the rainwater discharge on flat EPDM roofs. These products can be seamlessly connected to new or existing rainwater drains.

Characteristics of Pandser roof rain water outlets

  • Seamless and waterproof connection with EPDM roof cladding
  • EPDM foil collar for fast processing
  • Available in several sizes


  • Waterproof finish of flat roofs with EPDM cladding
  • Easy processing with silicone pressure roller
  • Fast and waterproof finish with adhesive & sealant kit





Angle °
45 ° or 90 °
50 mm to 300 mm
Units per box
as of 10 units

Available dimensions and thicknesses

PANDSER EPDM roof rain water outlets 45 ° 90 °
50 mm
63 mm
75 mm
110 mm
125 mm
60 mm x 80 mm
60 mm x 100 mm

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