Permanently elastic and sustainable

Advantages EPDM

  • Resistant to temperatures ranging from -35 to +120 degrees
  • Root-proof and suitable for green roofs
  • Resistant to UV, ozone and flying sparks
  • Resistant to flying sparks according to NEN 6063
  • Permanently elastic without plasticizers

EPDM is synthetic rubber with a service life longer than bitumen and DPC. Environment-friendly EPDM is used to waterproof flat or gently pitched roofs and as a water barrier at window frames or foundation. This material is also extremely suitable for the recladding of zinc gutters. As EPDM is a material to be glued, the application is very safe.

EPDM by Pandser was the first in the world to obtain the Cradle to Cradle certificate. This means the used raw materials can be utilized at the end of its service life without any loss of quality and value.

Producten EPDM

EPDM strook

EPDM - Strip

EPDM zelfklevend acryl

EPDM strips of self-adhesive acrylic

EPDM zelfklevend butyl

EPDM strips self-adhesive butyl

Dakbedekking Doos 1920X1080

EPDM - Roof cladding